Release 3 Notes – Q2 2023




This quarter’s ambitious release focused on the continuous improvement of customer experience through system and security updates, new functionality development, and tools to monitor the health of the ECGrid network proactively and effectively. 


Items Completed


  • User Interface EnhancementsImproved customer experience by standardizing terms, font, and colors throughout the user portal.

  • Reports Page UpdateAdditional functionality on the Reports page including scheduling and automation, allowing customers greater control over their own reports. Network and Mailbox Administrators can now also access the new Invoices tab on the Reports page.

Other notable enhancements: 

  1. Updates made to our internal systems allow improved visibility over the health of the ECGrid network and the ability to identify issues quicker, resulting in less customer impact.
  2. Updates made for Test and Production certificates for Peppol to support our growing Peppol user base.



Additional Customer-Facing Enhancements


EU Storage Option: EU partners now have the option to have their data stored in the EU. The ECGrid Support team may update this at a partner’s request.


Time Zone Drop-Down: A more user-friendly drop-down feature was added for time-zone selection.




Crystal Kuczynski

VP, Solutions