Release 2 Notes – Q1 2023 



This quarter’s release was focused on continuing to develop tools that support Self-Service for our customers as well as for ECGrid Support. The release also aimed to increase automation and improve customer experience.


Items Completed


  • ISA11 (Repetition Separator) RemappingCustomers can now update the ISA11 on inbound data to their network to any valid X12 character.

  • 4th character added to the Qualifier fieldCustomers can now include up to 4 characters in the EDI Qualifier field.
  • Updated the documentation .pdfs on the portal site: Outdated documents were identified, updated, and uploaded to the portal site.
  • Changed portal timeout to 15 minutesIn an ongoing effort to protect our customers’ data security, we reduced the idle time allowed on the Portal from 30 minutes to 15 minutes.

New Program to Onboard the ECGrid Network


Loren Data recently announced a new expedited process for select clients to onboard their ECGrid network. ECGrid Express is a quick onboarding process to the ECGrid VAN for organizations with internal translation capabilities and low transaction volumes.  A pre-paid annual program, ECGrid Express allows users to self-enable their connections to trading partners and start sending/receiving EDI transactions immediately.




Crystal Kuczynski

VP, Solutions