Our goal is to make this process as streamlined, transparent, and painless for your company as possible. Your ECGrid point of contact will be reaching out shortly and will go over the entire process personally with you as well as answering any questions you may have.  In the meantime, this document will provide helpful information for the migration process to our network. 

We will handle this process for you; however, we will need specific information from you to ensure your migration process is efficient and successful.

Here are the required items we will need from you to move forward with the migration:

1) A signed and approved Letter of Authorization (a template will be provided)

2) A requested date and time for the migration (subject to Implementation approval)

3) A list of your EDI qualifiers and IDs that will be migrated to the Loren Data ECGrid network

4) A list of the trading partners EDI qualifiers and IDs with connection type if known (template will be provided)

The Authorization Letter

  • Authorization letters are required by all interconnecting VANs and most direct connects. They are an industry standard to ensure that you are the company authorizing the move of your ID(s).
  • Must be on your company letterhead and signed by an approved signatory.
  • Only list the EDI Qualifiers and IDs that are migrating to the Loren Data ECGrid network:
  • Do not include any Trading Partner IDs on this letter
  • Qualifiers are important! You must list each individual Qualifier for each ID that is being migrated to ECGrid.

A Requested Date and Time for the Migration

Loren Data performs migrations on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursday mornings at 10 am ET.

On the Letter of Authorization template, there is a place to list a specific date and time of the migration. This is an optional field which you can omit if a date/time has not been decided. When the official migration notice is sent out to all relevant VANs/Direct Connections, this information will be communicated directly to any VAN or external Direct Connection being contacted.

List of your EDI Qualifiers and IDs that are being Migrated

We have provided a template for you to include all your EDI Qualifiers and IDs that will be migrated to the ECGrid network. This template allows us to run the IDs through our tools which assist us in planning your migration.

List of Trading Partner Qualifiers and IDs

We have also provided a template for you to provide the required information for trading partners. You must use this template to allow us to run the IDs through our tools which assists us in planning your migration. The Trading Partner list is what we use to plan and schedule your migration with the trading partner VANs as well as any direct connections we may have in place; it is very important this list be as accurate as possible.

The Migration Process

The migration process begins  with receiving the required items listed above. 

  1. We receive the EDI ID templates and process them through our system to identify any EDI IDs not currently setup in our system.  Our implementation team will work with you and the VANs to get the additional IDs added in preparation for the migration.
  2. After Loren Data receives and approves the authorization letter and all the trading partner IDs are accounted for, a mutually agreed upon migration date is set.
  3. Loren Data implementation team sends the authorization letter and migration date to all VANs and trading partners with direct connections.
  4. The implementation team will keep you updated on the status of the confirmed migration notices by the VANs/direct connections.  
  5. On migration day, the implementation team will reach out to the VANs/direct connections confirming the routing to Loren Data's ECGrid network is complete.  The implementation team closely monitors the flow of traffic and stays in constant communication with you.

Additional Notes:

  • We will tailor your migration to meet your needs which can include different phases, by individual VAN or by your specific IDs.  
  • We will notify all VANs/Direction connections of the migration and work directly with them to confirm all changes are made on-time and in accordance to any special requirements.
  • We require a minimum of 14 business days notice for migrations except in urgent approved situations.
  • Migration requests must be sent directly to support@ecgrid.com and include all requirements listed above;
  • Please note that different VANs or Direct Connections require different processing times; we must be able to provide the advance notice needed for the migration request to be received, confirmed, and scheduled on their end;
  • All migrations are different – depending on the size of your migration, additional time may be required.  We strive to accommodate your schedule as best as we can.