Setting up your AS2 connection to Amazon can be completed quickly and at your convenience on your ECGrid portal. 


To initiate an Amazon connection, navigate to the correct mailbox on your site by clicking on Mailboxes, then directly on the correct mailbox, or searching with the Search field:

Once you are on the correct mailbox, click on Trading Partner Connections to ECGrid, then Amazon AS2 on the top navigation panels. If you have an active connection to Amazon already set up, you will see that connection in the next section:

You can now configure your Amazon connection in 5 easy steps. 


Step 1: Select the Amazon ID


From the drop-down menu, choose the correct Amazon EDI ID:

Step 2: Select your ID


Click on the drop-down arrow and choose the mailbox EDI ID that will be trading with Amazon:

Step 3: Enter Your Amazon Vendor ID


Your Amazon Vendor ID is a 5-digit number provided by Amazon:

Step 4: Enter the Amazon AS2 ID and Amazon AS2 URL in the correct fields


This information is provided to you from Amazon, both on Vendor Central and emailed to you directly.

Step 5: Upload the certificate you got from Amazon


The certificate is also provided to you from Amazon, both on Vendor Central and emailed to you directly.

Click on Configure Amazon Connection.

Once you have the connection configured on ECGrid, you can go to the top of the page and find the profile under the Active Amazon Connections section at the top of the page. Here is where you can send the required test to Amazon:

**The ability to upload a new Amazon certificate to an existing profile will be available by the end of August 2022. Until that feature is available, you can still email for assistance.