You can now update your default landing page, time zone, and portal notice preferences on your ECGrid Portal page. You can find your preferences by going to My Profile under the drop-down arrow next to your name:

Once you’re on the Details page, click the Edit button in the upper right-hand corner:



You can choose which page you land on, or see first, when you log in to your ECGrid Portal. Under Preferences, click the drop down on the Login Landing Page. You have 3 options to choose from: Transactions, News/Notifications, and Dashboard. Once you choose the page you want to default to remember to click Save Changes.



The Loren Data network runs off the UTC time zone. To offset the time zones to see all times on the portal in your own time zone, we recommend you type “Browser” into the Time Zone Offset field. This will make the time zone default to the time set on your internet browser. By using the “Browser” default, the time zone will also automatically update between daylight savings time and standard time.


You can also manually put in a different offset, which allows you to change the time zone temporarily if you’re travelling. If you manually change the offset, daylight savings time and standard time will not be automatically updated. To manually change the offset, simply calculate how many hours you are from UTC and enter it manually, (EDT = -4, CDT = -5, PDT = -7, etc). Then click Save Changes.




You can also update whether to receive portal notices via email under the Preferences section. “Yes” is the default and allows you to receive important information and updates from Loren Data through email. “No” will turn off all notifications from Loren Data, including notices regarding network health, portal changes and updates, connectivity changes, etc. You will still receive these updates via your portal page as a top banner and under the “Notifications” page.