How to Set up Your SFTP-FTPS Connection to ECGrid 

*As of January 1, 2023, Loren Data no longer allows connections to our network via unencrypted “in the clear” FTP connections. We do allow encrypted SFTP and FTPS (implicit or explicit) connections.


All connectivity configuration and maintenance can be done by going to Mailboxes/My Connections to ECGrid: 

Once you have navigated to the connections tab, you can choose your connection in the secondary navigation panel and edit the information as needed. The portal allows for full self-service configuration and management of your API access, SFTP/FTPS, AS2, and Command Line ToolWalMart hosted connections can also be created and tested under the Trading Partner Connections to ECGrid tab. Additional protocols are under development and will be made available in a future release, such as OFTP and AS4. 

*Please Note: The My Connections to ECGrid tab provides options for connecting your network and mailboxes to the Loren Data network, not your trading partners’. 


The SFTP/FTPS tab on the portal provides connectivity for SFTP, and FTPS (implicit and explicit) connections. Our ECGrid SFTP-FTPS FAQ document provides our profile and technical information: 

*Please note: ECGrid highly recommends using SFTP, (SSH FTP), which adds encryption and better TCP/IP handling. 

To activate the provisioned SFTP/FTPS connection, make note of your password, (once you click Activate, you will no longer be able to view the password in text format), then click “Activate” at the bottom of the page: 

Host/Servers: This url is used, regardless of whether you choose to connect through SFTP, or FTPS. 

UsernameECGrid strongly recommends using the provided Username, to allow our NetOps staff to more easily assist you in troubleshooting any issues. However, if you choose to update the Username, please note there is a 15-character limit. 

Password: You can change your password at any time; however, you must include at least one lower-case letter, one upper-case letter, one number, and one special character, (!@#$%^&*). There is also an 8-character minimum. 

Certificate (SSH-optional): You can use this field to provide the SSH certificate format. 

Delete on Download: If you delete files through your script, you can leave this field as defaulted to No. If you choose to have us delete the file once it’s been downloaded, change the button from No to Yes. 

IP Addresses: If you choose to connect via SFTP, you do not have to add IP addresses to your profile. However, if you choose to connect via FTPS, you must include all IP addresses that will connect to ECGrid. The IP addresses must be added on separate lines. If you are unsure of your IP address, it is provided for you at the bottom of the page, above the “Activate” button. However, please note this is only the IP address for the desktop you are working from. You will also want to include all addresses related to your communication server and firewall. 

Testing: Once you activate your connection, you can test the connection in both directions from the bottom of the page. You must have active IDs already on your mailbox to complete the testing. You are able to Test Download and Test Upload. You are also able to download a test file for your convenience.