Please see below for step by step instructions on setting up an AS2 connection to ECGrid. A downloadable .pdf is available below as well.


How to set up your AS2 connection to ECGrid 

All connectivity configuration and maintenance can be done by going to Mailboxes/My Connections to ECGrid/AS2:

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Once you have navigated to the connections tab, you can choose your connection in the secondary navigation panel and edit the information as needed. The portal allows for full self-service configuration and management of your API access, FTP/SFTP/FTPS, AS2, and Command Line ToolWalMart hosted connections can also be created and tested under the Trading Partner Connections to ECGrid tab. Additional protocols are under development and will be made available in a future release, such as OFTP and AS4. 

*Please Note: The My Connections to ECGrid tab provides options for connecting your network and mailboxes to the Loren Data network, not your trading partners’. 


Under the AS2 tab, you can find information on Loren Data’s default AS2 profile and information on the top half of the page. The bottom half of the page allows you to upload your AS2 profile information and certificate.  

ECGrid’s smart and adaptive AS2 technology means we only require three fields to successfully connect to your AS2 profile. You must provide your AS2 ID, AS2 url, and AS2 certificate, then click on “Add AS2”: 

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You are welcome to update the other fields and parameters at your discretion.  

Once you add your profile, you will see it active on this AS2 tab. From this point, you are able to edit and maintain your profile as necessary. 

Editing your AS2 connection 

To Edit your AS2 ID, url, or other parameters, click the green Edit button.  

To upload a new certificate, click “Choose File” under the Add Certificates section. Navigate to the new certificate on your computer, choose the date and time you wish to make it effective, then click the “Add Certificate” button.  

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*Please note: If the ECGrid certificate that you are connecting to is expiring within the next 90 days, you can download the new one from this page. Our certificate renewal technology runs the new certificate in parallel with the current certificate, allowing you to update the certificate at your convenience. Once you upload the new ECGrid certificate, you must send a test or a file signing with the new certificate. This notifies our network that you have successfully uploaded the new certificate and we automatically switch your profile to the new certificate on our end.