The carbon copy feature enables the delivery of an electronic copy of a message to one or more recipients. A carbon copy message can be generated when you send or receive a message. 

For example, a 3PL may want a copy of the inbound purchase order from a specific trading partner or you need a copy of an invoice to go another system.  A carbon copy is setup to replace the ISA and GS (if necessary) EDI IDs so the documents can be routed to their respective mailboxes.  Carbon copies are setup by document. 

To create your own carbon copies, please see the attached step by step documentation.

*Please note: There is no extra fee for carbon copies. You will only be charged for the kc's in the extra file, per your contract.

ECGrid Portal – How to Create a Carbon Copy 

You can set up carbon copies directly from your portal site! Click on Data Management from the left-side navigation panel, then choose Carbon Copy from the top. You can then click on “Create”:

You will then pick from the drop-down menus to determine the original partnership that you will be copying. You can then set up the carbon copy IDs by either Selecting from the drop down or entering them manually: 

You can further filter the carbon copies by GS IDs and/or the Transaction Set.