The Loren Data portal provides different functionality based on different User authorization levels. Network and Mailbox Admins can assign specific authorization levels to their employees as well as their customers. This documentation will provide information on the following functions of User Administration:


  1. Creating New Mailboxes
  2. Adding a User to the ECGrid Portal (Includes username and password requirements)
  3. Authorization Levels
  4. Updating, Suspending, or Deleting a User
  5. Changing Authorization Levels for a User
  6. Providing Portal Access for Existing Mailbox Users


Creating New Mailboxes

If you are adding a User to a new Mailbox you are creating, click on Mailboxes in your left side navigation panel. In the upper right-hand corner of the next page, add the new mailbox name, then click Add. If you are a Reseller/Partner network, you will also see the “Portal/No Portal” option. If you want your customers to have portal access to their mailbox(es), move the box in front of the Add button to “Portal”:

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Add User to ECGrid Portal

Once the mailbox is set up, you will click on Users under Management in the left side navigation panel, then on the next page, click Create:




Follow these steps:

  1. Choose the relevant mailbox from the Mailbox drop down
  2. Create a Login Name for your User (Must be 8+ characters)
  3. Create a password for your User (or click Generate Password and we will create one for you)
    1. Must be 8+ characters and include at least one capital letter, lower case letter, number, and special character: !@#$%^&*()~+?:;
  4. Choose your User’s Authorization Level by clicking on the drop down – Auth level explanations are on page 1
  5. Choose whether to send a Notification Email to the User
  6. Finish the User Contact information on the bottom of the page and click Save


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Authorization Levels

The Loren Data portal allows Admin users to grant users different role-based access controls. Additionally, Reseller/Partner networks can provide unique portal access to their clients, based on their mailbox. To ensure users have the right access and controls, we have several roles with different access levels, visibility, and edit rights.


There are four main roles for ECGrid Customer users:


  • MailboxUser: This role essentially provides a read-only set of capabilities on the portal and cannot add/edit/invite users but has limited management capabilities for a single mailbox. This is most likely the role you will want to grant to your customers/contractors when you give them individual mailbox access.
  • MailboxAdmin: This role can add/edit/delete IDs, partnerships, and users for a given mailbox. This is the default role for legacy Hubbub users.
  • NetworkUser: This role is used by our resellers and their Operations teams to search transactions across all mailboxes on a network. This is a limited role for internal employees.
  • NetworkAdmin: This role has full access to customizing the portal, sending notifications, adding/editing users, resending files, and full management of all mailboxes for their customer organizations or trading partners.


Updating, Suspending, or Deleting a User

Once a user has been created, you can update, suspend, or delete a User from their User Details page. Click on Users from your left side navigation panel and click on the User you want to update. You will then be taken to the Details page that will provide you with the following options:


  • Reset Password:               To reset a User Password – an email will be sent directly to the User
  • Email Info:                           To resend login information to a User via email
  • Edit:                                       Click to update information or authorization level for a User
  • Suspend:                             To suspend a User (temporary)
  • Delete:                                 To delete a User (permanent)



Changing Authorization Level for a User

As NetworkAdmin, you can also change the access level for a user at any time. This is done by going to Users under Management, choosing the User you want to update, then clicking Edit. You can then change the Authorization Level for that User:


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Providing Portal Access for Existing Mailbox Users

If you have Users on an existing mailbox that you would like to provide portal access to, go to Mailboxes from your left side navigation panel, then click on the name of the relevant mailbox:

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On the following page, click “Add Portal”, then click Save at the bottom of the page:


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Once you click save, the portal url is available to you at the top of the page. This information is also sent to the Users of the mailbox.

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